WV GOP: That Parent Pick-Up Line Is Scary At School…BRING YER GUNZ!

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Today in West Virginia, the Senate passed a new bill into law regarding firearms at public schools. SB 388 passed 94-5. Gun owners aged 21 and older with concealed carry permits will be allowed to carry their firearms in the loading/unloading zones of public schools – as long as they are inside their vehicles.

According to information found the on the NRA-ILA site,

Senate Bill 388 sponsored by state Senator Dave Sypolt (R-14), would allow law-abiding citizens in possession of a concealed firearm to transport the firearm onto school property while dropping off or picking up students, as long as the firearm does not leave the motor vehicle. Current West Virginia law prevents firearms from being carried or transported onto school property, including by those who don’t step foot out of their car. Individuals who are legally allowed to carry a firearm for self-defense should not be barred from doing so while dropping off or picking up their kids from school.

What in the hell are they thinking? The ONLY time I have road rage is when I am taking my kids to and from school. OK, that’s a lie. I frequently have road rage, but it’s MAINLY when I take the offspring to school and pick them up. I live in city limits and as I’m not more than 2 miles from the school, I have no bus service to rely upon. The other parents are angry, too. It’s morning, the kids wouldn’t get out of bed, you have exactly 28 minutes to get everyone where they need to be and some asshole just cut you off. Or little, cotton-candy-haired granny just pulled out in front of you and is now driving 12 in a 25mph zone. It all seriously makes me a little crazy. Buuuuuuut….  I don’t carry a gun.

I mean, what could possibly go wrong? We know that all adults are inherently calm and peace-loving. That’s why they carry guns, right? Throw some loud, cranky children in the mix and then we have the ingredients to a perfect pot of disaster.

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  1. Oh, get real. I don’t own any guns. In fact, I’ve only held a handgun once (my brother-in-law was a cop and had just gotten a new service weapon -a Glock- and I was curious about it. He hadn’t loaded it yet. Otherwise I wouldn’t have touched it.) But I can see the point of this legislation. As long as the weapon remains CONCEALED and in the car (most parents don’t leave their cars, right?) then I can’t see why this should be a problem. Most gun owners are responsible people. As long as the law still prohibits them from carrying the gun anywhere else on the property, and to leave the weapon secured in the vehicle if, for any reason they need to exit their car, then they should be allowed to carry in that designated area and under those restrictions. It’s unreasonable to expect them to drive to the school, drop off the kids, then have to drive back home to get their guns before starting their own day. Personally I don’t like people carrying weapons in public, concealed or open carry. But that’s their right, and I have to respect that. Anyway, somebody who poses a threat to you in a drop-off zone is not going to be deterred by a rule prohibiting guns on the property.

    I get that your comments are somewhat facetious but I guarantee people will be taking what you say as very serious, and they will be outraged, in support or in criticism.

    Now I’ma jess set back an’ watch them fireworks! LOL

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