WV Democrat Proves He Is A Giant POS….AGAIN

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Joe Manchin (D-WV) praised Agent Orange today for yesterday’s executive order reversing Obama-era EPA regulations. With fewer regulations, coal mines would be able to increase production. In theory, increased production will lead to increased jobs, but that just isn’t how it works any more. Manual labor has been replaced by technology, which requires education. Yeah. Imagine that, education is important.

Statistics show that only about 25 percent of coal miners in WV have any education beyond high school. That lack of usable skills prevent them from attaining jobs in other fields.

Old Donny is patting himself on the back right now thinking that he has kept his promise to miners. He stated yesterday,

I actually, in one case, I went to a group of miners in West Virginia — you remember, Shelly — and I said, how about this: Why don’t we get together, we’ll go to another place, and you’ll get another job; you won’t mine anymore. Do you like that idea? They said, ‘no, we don’t like that idea — we love to mine, that’s what we want to do. I said, ‘if that’s what you want to do, that’s what you’re going to do.

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What a f*cking imbecile! Of course these people want to mine! They know nothing else. Trump has basically condemned them to more generational poverty. By once again focusing on one avenue of income, there is no hope of change. In many places, it’s coal or nothing. There just aren’t any other jobs. Putting a few miners back to work is only a temporary victory.

Instead of being progressive and looking toward future generations, Joe Manchin praised Trump. The puppet just keeps pushing a dying industry onto people it’s going to kill in the long run.

We need to strike a balance between the environment and the economy. The Clean Power Plan never achieved that balance. Rolling back this regulation is a positive step towards preventing further job loss, increases to consumer energy bills, and more damage to our economy

Without a clean environment, other areas of revenue will literally die. People come to places like West Virginia for camping, hunting, fishing, zip lining and white river rafting. ALL of this will be affected with these rollbacks. Not much can live in coal sludge.

This DINO will likely be voted in again next year because he supports Trump so vehemently. West Virginia is a red state, and Manchin is no fool. He knows to keep votes he must keep his people happy – well, the loudest ones. They aren’t going to be very happy when their waterways poison them, and all their children leave the state for better opportunities and quality of life.

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  1. Strange how the energy industry itself just put out a report thanking renewables as why most people are paying less on their energy bill than before.

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