Women Aren’t Allowed To Show Their Sexy Shoulders In Congress

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Haley Byrd, a reporter for the Independent Journal Review, was kicked out of the Speaker’s Lobby of the House of Representatives recently for wearing “inappropriate attire.” Her sin? Wearing a sleeveless dress on a hot day in the nation’s capital.

As we all learned from the GOP when Michelle Obama continually bared her luscious arms in public, men simply cannot be expected to concentrate or do business of any kind when exposed to women’s shoulders. It’s unseemly and may cause them to accidentally rape someone. Open-toed shoes are also frowned upon. Some men see toes and just go crazy. Better keep those feet covered, ladies!

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According to a statement from Ms. Byrd, she was not even allowed to walk through the room in her scandalous sleeveless dress:

When I was kicked out that day, I was just trying to pass through the area to reach another hallway, but I was told I was violating the rules. They offered to find a sweater for me to put on.. but I opted to just go around instead.

To be fair, women are not the only ones who have to adhere to a strict dress code when entering the House of Representatives. According to House Speaker Paul Ryan, “all members should wear appropriate business attire.” The issue is that the definition of “appropriate business attire” is up to the discretion of House leadership and is not spelled out in any formal dress code. It is purely subjective. So if, say, VP Pence happened to be there one day, appropriate attire for women may change to bonnets and ankle-length dresses. Seems perfectly reasonable.

Can anyone say, “rape culture”?

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