Women Are Breast-Trolling Piers Morgan On Twitter To Defend Susan Sarandon’s Cleavage

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Last Saturday, Susan Sarandon sent the internet into a frenzy over her stunning outfit that showed off her glorious cleavage. Men leered, women cheered and everyone was happy. At least, most everyone. For some reason, Piers Morgan decided to complain about it on twitter a few days later:

Sarandon, a very strong and confident woman incapable of being slut-shamed, wasn’t having any of it and shot back a little Rocky Horror:

And then it all went off the rails for Morgan. Since then, women have been putting their cleavage on twitter for Morgan to be scandalized by under the nifty hashtag #cleavagesolidarity. Here’s a few for your viewing pleasure. Please look away if the female body makes you feel funny:

A few men got in on the action as well!

The bottom line is that the idea that a woman should cover up in this day and age is pure nonsense. And seriously, trying to slut shame Susan Sarandon is like trying to put out the Sun with a water gun; an exercise in pure futility. There’s self confidence, there’s self-esteem and then there’s Susan Sarandon, the living embodiment of what it means to be comfortable in your own skin.

Keep your prudishiness to yourself, Piers, and let the rest of us bask in the glory that is Susan Sarandon.

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