Whiny Breitbart Morons Want To Make Television Suck Again

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Donald Trump has done a lot to divide this country; or further the divide, whatever. One thing we can all give him credit for is working wonders for Saturday Night Live. Our communal loss is definitely SNL‘s gain. They have material for twice as many shows now and Alec Baldwin as Trump is positively brilliant.

To meet their large “anti-Trump demand”, they have decided to make their final four shows of this season live – in all time zones. For the first time, people on the west coast will be able to see SNL when it actually airs.

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While most of us think this is a great idea, there are those Trumpsters who refuse to watch the show. They have nothing good to say about Baldwin, Melissa McCarthy or the cast. Breitbart‘s readers are a lot of things, but they are not shy in airing their feelings – or lack thereof – about the change.

Yes, because our foremost worry should be that people speak languages other than English. Some countries start teaching other languages to their children at very young ages – not in ‘Murica, by God! Here, we like to keep our children slightly dumber than the children in, say, France or Canada.

And middle-schoolers probably have better arguments.

These people really are such hypocrites. They have no problem in tearing people apart for protesting; for using their first amendment rights. They boycott because it’s somehow manlier. Yeah, it’s the lazy version of protesting, but it still makes them feel good to be supporting Herr Trump.

Take back our culture?  From whom are we taking it? What would you have it return to? I fucking shudder to think of what I would be forced to watch if Trumpsters “take back” our culture. I would literally break all my TVs.

Funny. The only low bar we see around here is the one Trump set when he became president.

And these last comments really say it all. Those on the Trump Train, drinking the orange kool-aid, are just as happy as pigs in shit that their man won. Trump tells them what to say and sets them on repeat. And as long as they keep making fools of themselves, SNL will still have excess material for a very successful finale.

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