We All Love John Cleese But We Bet The Orange Tyrant Doesn’t — Especially After Today

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One of my favorite things is when people from other countries show their love for America. And why wouldn’t they love this place? They know we perfected pizza, buddy-cop movies, and fireworks shows. They may not like our politics sometimes, but they love our people. It’s “cultural assimilation” across borders. It doesn’t mean people from India eat cheeseburgers, or that Mexicans are suddenly taking up fusion jazz. It just means that we all care about the same thing: Each other.

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That’s why it’s so awesome when someone like John Cleese takes up for American causes, and he has been on a roll! Twitter is the perfect medium for a joke, but often it is used to show support for folks a bazillion miles away, and the Monty Python star always keeps us in his thoughts — and has for a long time:

Has anyone been following American politics that long? He’s seen Congress members come and go, he’s seen the Civil Rights Act and Medicare established, and now he’s seen politicians who acted like some of the ludicrous characters from Monty Python’s Flying Circus:

Mr. Cleese really, really doesn’t like Donald Trump. You may be used to seeing him be funny all the time, but sometimes he has a serious message:

And then it’s back to the jokes:

And he always knows when to give credit where it’s due:

So when it all came full circle, and an American cartoonist threw back to Monty Python for commentary on America’s health care system, John Cleese was the first in line to thank him for the cultural assimilation we all love:

No, thank you, John Cleese. All the way over there in London, you’re an American treasure.

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