WATCH: Two 30-Second Commercials Show Just How Sick America’s Obsession With War Has Become (VIDEO) 

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The strife of the poor has been exploited by the industrial military complex for as long as most of us can remember. From “Army Strong” advertisements on our televisions to every high school student services office being crammed full of military recruiting information – wars NEED poor kids and honestly, the system is set up so that poor kids need war. Hell, our children throughout generations have been pacified with toy guns, army men and war games. Why is that? Hmmmm?

Many young adults who were born without a silver spoon see the military as their only hope of pulling up out of poverty. Go serve for a few years, hope you don’t have to do front line combat that totally f*cks you up, and once you’re finished with your service, have the opportunity to go to school for what you REALLY want to do.

This is often the argument made in favor of the “opportunities” provided by the military. Of course, by doing so one is risking their life (or sanity) just to be afforded the same opportunities as someone NOT born into a poor American family. You know, those non-poor kids who get to go straight to college and don’t have to agree to kill other human beings to achieve the life goal of living in their suburban three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath ranch homes with their 1.86 children and safe, sensible cars.

Recently, military contractor Northrop Grumman took a page out of the propaganda playbook by producing two advertisements that show poor children playing in their neighborhood. The innocent games of catch and hide and seek immediately transform into, “mommy, I want to grow up to bomb people” – because duh, of course that’s totally normal and how poor kids think.

While this commercial really just toots Northrop Grumman’s own horn about their technological advances, adding the poor kids playing part only helps secure their business model for years to come. Because without those poor kids, who is going to fight those wars? And, it sure is a hell of a lot easier to have them just enlist voluntarily than force them in the ranks. I mean, who wants to take the chance of drafting a senator’s son?

So, when you watch a commercial of poor children playing on a sandlot with the subtext of seeking out people and killing them – well – just remember it’s simply par for the course of a country that has little interest in providing poor children, or poor people in general, any opportunities without them signing on the dotted line to kill brown people on behalf of the money hoarders who just can’t seem to get enough money. . . or blood.

Watch both ads, here:

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