Watch: Trump Tries To Leave An Executive Signing Ceremony Without Signing Anything Again

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Donald Trump signed an executive order today that will allow small businesses and individuals to buy insurance plans that will allow them to bypass some of the Affordable Care Act’s protections. Because of course, he did. He signed the order because there was no other way he could pass any of his coveted changes to “Obamacare.”

After he grandstanded to his enraptured audience, he turned to leave without actually signing the order. Again. Remember when he did it this spring? He is so anxious to get back to Twitter, he forgets that he has to do something other than speaking to his puppets for his ego boost. It’s as much of a fluffer for Trump as Monica was for Bill.

This order will allow individuals to buy skimpier plans and will no doubt set into motion eventual higher costs to premiums to compensate for the underinsured.  It’s going to be lovely clusterf*ck of more insurance woes than we are currently dealing with. Trump just proves once more that doesn’t care about the long-term consequences; he very clearly is only focused on the present. What are a few more lies from a chronic liar?

Thankfully for Trump, Pence caught him in time to sign the order before leaving the room. I guess Pence is good for something.

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Watch the monumental idiot forget to sign… again:

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