WATCH: Trump Sign Executive Order Without Reading It

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According to a new report by Politicususa, not only is the Idiot-In-Chief not investigating the constitutionality of these insane executive orders, he may not even be reading them first.

Trump’s statements at the recent signing of an Executive Order on Agriculture demonstrated his shocking disregard for what the thing ACTUALLY SAID:

So I want to thank you very much. So do we have the executive order, please? So this is promoting agriculture and rural prosperity in America. And, now, there’s a lot of words I won’t bother reading.

We get it, President Orange, reading is *yawn* boring, especially when you are a suuuperr important person with bigly matters like starting WWIII with N. Korea to attend to. Who has time to read some boring E.O. on agriculture? Fox news said it was great, and all of your handlers are telling you that if you sign it will be the most amazing thing ever to happen to agriculture in the U.S. Also they have promised you chocolate cake after.

Let’s face it, the Prez is just not built for long, boring ceremonies that are not all about him… We all remember the time that good ole 45 got so flustered by a reporter’s question on Russia that he totally forgot to sign the executive order in front of him and just sort of wandered out of the room mumbling to himself..

The American people really should cut him some slack. He can’t be expected to read every single little thing that he has to sign, right? As he admitted in his recent interview with Reuters, being President is actually really hard—

I loved my previous life. I had so many things going..This is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier.

He has a point. His life before the Presidency was probably way more fun. Not to mention everyone around him had to do what he said, because he was the boss and had ordered them to. Those really were the good ole’ days. Maybe he should fire himself and go back to living the good life in Trump Tower.

Trump: Claims Executive Order Has “Lots Of Words”, Signs Without Reading

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