WATCH: This Brilliant AARP Ad Trashes Trumpcare In Just One Minute

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The American Healthcare Act, the GOP’s revision of the Affordable Care Act, has been drawing wild criticism.

Many critics have pointed out that rural communities will be affected as the newly proposed plan would account for no variation in costs between regional markets – which will be devastating to those in lower-economic areas. The plan would still allow for families or individuals to still receive Medicaid, but only until 2020.

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The new plan will also repeal some Obamacare-related taxes which sounds great to the average American, until they realize that only the rich will benefit in those cuts. Those helped with Medicaid or Obamacare subsidies would lose out. Many will probably go without insurance because they will no longer be able to afford any type of coverage.

However, the biggest criticism by far is that instead of subsidizing enrollees based on income, Trumpcare would provide refundable tax credits based primarily on age, most of those credits going to younger Americans. The age group that will be hit the hardest are those aged 50-64.


AARP premiered a new video advertisement yesterday. This suggests it is ramping up its efforts to kill the age tax.

This is part of their ongoing campaign, launched on February 15, in opposition to the age tax. It certainly seems that they are taking a definite stance to oppose this measure.

As of right now, they are the only leader who has stepped up to protect the affordable healthcare of older Americans – affordable being the key word. Many GOP senators will not discuss the changes yet, citing not enough time to review the information. Of course, they are not subject to this plan, just their constituents – you know, merely the people who voted them in.

Some spineless representatives will not stand up and say that this new plan will be devastating for many Americans, but AARP has enough spine for them all. They did not shy away from losing members when they supported Obamacare and they are not too scared to stand up now against those who would, once again, put the rich above the needs of the people.

All they need now is a cape and tights.

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  1. If they might end up paying $3000 more a year, how does that equate to $18,000 a year? Not wanting to be argumentative, I think republicans are evil arsewipes, but the message in this ad is just a bit confusing right there.

    • I was just trying to figure out how they came up with that figure also. Thought maybe they meant $3000 more a month but that doesn’t compute either.

      • It means$ 3000.00 more than you’re paying now. With what my insurance costs now $14,880.00 that sounds about right

    • Same question. I watched it four times and still don’t understand how $3000 a year then becomes $18,000 a year. However, $3000 is still a big increase for the average 64 year old.

    • 6×3,000=18,000 The guy is 60 and he must pay the extra charge for 6 years until he is eligible for Medicare. Of course, the GOP also wants to cut Medicare as well, but that’s for another ad.

      • Yes, that’s the only way it makes sense, but the actor still says “that’s $18,000 per year” when he means 18K TOTAL.

    • It is plausible for a 64 y.o. to now pay, Pre-mediCare eligibility, for an independent policy in the range of 700.-1000 dollars or more per month. The video wasn’t clear so I called a friend in the biz. This is why seniors work until MediCare kicks in at 65

    • I think they mean that a person would pay an additonal $3000 a year (more than they currently pay); and their total cost will be $18,000 a year (as opposed to $15,000 a year cost). It is confusing.

    • It says that the new plan would be $3000 MORE than what you currently pay. That total is then $18000. Simple math would tell you that the average person pays $15000 a year now.

      $15k + $3k = $18k

    • Listen I am not exactly sure were 18000 comes from but I can tell you this I am on disability and after working for 30yrs I get back about 15,000 a year so to have to pay 3,000 more a year is a big hit to take

      • If you are on SSDI or SSI due to disability, you are automatically enrolled into Medicare after 2 years on either. I think you get disenrolled though if you stop getting either payments. Definitely a big hit though then there’s the looming worry that Medicare will get slashed to…nothing.

    • He most likely meant that, with the additional $3,000 per year, nealth insurance, copays, deductibles, etc. would cost a total of $18,000 per year–sadly, very likely.

    • THis is not about the subsidies. Obamacare limited insurance companies to only charging 2x as much based on age. Prior to Obamacare such limits were set by the states and ranged between 7x to Infinite x the rate for younger people. The studies have predicted that insurance for older people would rise to about 10x instead of 2x, unless states stepped in to enforce the 2x limit with their own regulations.

    • “Under the ACA, insurers can charge its oldest enrollees up to three times as much as the youngest adult enrollees. The new proposal would change the age rating ratio to 5:1 or even higher. According to a new study from AARP’s Public Policy Institute conducted by the independent actuarial firm Milliman, under this proposal, on average, adults age 60 and older would see their insurance bills go up by $3,200 — making their average annual premium a whopping $17,900.”

    • This is even more insidious than it might seem at first. If employers have to pay more in insurance for older workers, imagine how much money they could save by firing someone close to retirement. In a right to work state (Republican), you won’t have much recourse if they decide to fire an older worker.

  2. So sick of all the praise for Obama care that screwed up plan costs us 12000 a year sick and I for one am sick of paying it

    • Chris, the ACA didn’t screw up your insurance premium, the insurance companies gouged you before, after and in-between. Their profit margin is off the charts. Follow the money.

      • Right on. Deborah. Steve Hemsley, the CEO of United Health Care, has been paid a BILLION DOLLARs during his career. How many people had to die for that? Surely they could have found someone to do his job for a hundred million. Sheer insanity.

      • Right on! Ever see an insurance company in an old building? The have campuses with private chefs and training facilities. That’s not because they’re paying of benefits, it’s because they’re greedy at our expense. They are the reason ACA is a failure, not Obama. Fix it, don’t destroy it!

      • Deborah, ACA did screw up the insurance premium
        The ACA promised lower
        The ACA charges some to cover others
        The ACA never addressed lowering of healthcare costs.

    • Don’t blame Obama mr. Uninformed man. It was because under the Affordable Care Act which all of you all insist on calling Obamacare the insurance companies that had to follow the Affordable Care Acts regulations and rules found a loophole and jacked up their prices and there was nothing the Obama Administration could do about it under the law so educate yourself and stop blaming people have a nice day

      • Right on. Deborah. Steve Hemsley, the CEO of United Health Care, has been paid a BILLION DOLLARs during his career. How many people had to die for that? Surely they could have found someone to do his job for a hundred million. Sheer insanity.

      • Great point, Kenith. To get the support of the health insurance mafia for the ACA, they were allowed to write the law. Big surprise their profits went through the roof.

      • Profit margins for health insurance companies, including those offering Medicare plans, are anything but “off the charts”. Costs for health services are astronomical! Check in with your friendly health insurance company actuary and he will show you the money insurance companies make.

    • You’ll be paying more and getting less, unless you are very rich then you will receive a tax break of 7 million dollars! Now if you think about it, insurance went up each year before obamacare came into being. And maybe it’s a bit more but all the benefits of children under 26 on the same plan, and pre-existing conditions? Isn’t that worth the extra money? More people are covered too. Why not demand Single Payer instead if you want to replace Obamacare/Affordable care act?

      • If the Non Presidents tax plan goes through the rich could benefit to the tune 600 billion. A bit off topic but it needed to be spread.

    • The rates and deductibles are determined by the ins. companies rather than the Gov’t. They claim to be losing millions while paying their CEO’s 10’s of millions each year. They’re doing just fine. They just raise their fees because they can not because they have to.

    • If you think that was bad, get your wallet ready. Because GOP health care plan is allowing the Insurance companies to increasing rates not 3X but 5X’s.

  3. Try to live without health insurance, period. I will not be able to afford the prem
    ums. Guess I should die because I’m poor, eh?

    • Pretty much. If you’re unhealthy enough that you can’t do a menial job for slave wages you’re no good to the rich, so…

    • Almost everyone spends less if they paid cash instead of having insurance. It is the nature of the beast. Insurance companies/employees have a business to provide their pay checks.

      • SO…you’ve got a spare $100,000 cash sitting around to pay for your heart surgery or cancer treatments or month in an ICU after a car accident?

        The very definition of insurance is that you are betting against the bad stuff that could happen to you in the future. Today’s premiums pay for today’s sick or injured, plus money to administer the thing. (We could discuss how a single payer might be more efficient, but I digress.)

        When you’re sick, your health insurance lets you keep your spare $100K, as well as your house and all your assets.

        Yes. Almost everyone spends less. But unless you die instantly, and before you can get any medical health, you’re going to need health insurance.

        There are very few 80 year olds that are as healthy as they were at 30.

      • That’s not true. Insurance companies negotiate with doctors and hospitals to lower their fees for their customers. I paid more for doctors’ visits and other services when I didn’t have insurance or went to doctors out of network. It’s a shame that people can’t negotiate cheaper prices by paying cash upfront.

    • We shouldn’t waste our energy debunking those who advocate for alternative facts. Only correct those who show signs of potential learning from public correction.

  4. What we need is to eliminate the middle man. Insurance companies CEOs take 20 to 30 million or so for their salary and of course they have to make a profit. Why not everyone pays into a fund as they do now with medicare and instead of giving it to insurance companies have it go directly to health care entities. People could sign up to a hospital of their choice and that entity would get funding depending on their enrollment. There would need to be oversight and other logistical solutions. But it would be better than giving it to insurance companies.

    • B/c the guy in the example is 60. He has 6 more years until he qualifies for Medicare. $3K a year for 6 years = $18K.

    • He’s saying an additional $3,000 per year….. So if a person is now paying $15,000 per year, that person’s new total would rise to $18,000 per year.

  5. My husband and I pay 10,080 a year for medicare plus supplement insurance. Add the supposedly increase of 8,400 for medicare premiums would amount to an increase of 18,480 a year. This is just an estimate and the supplemental insurance we chose to enroll in. Everyone’s premiums and plans would differ.

  6. You will get your messages across to the many borderline people if you leave out any references to “Trump” or “Republican”. ..just say “congress”. As soon as people see anything that looks like partisan headlines, they delete without reading. Think about it.

    • I agree. And, “evil” Republicans is a bit over the top. I think we all should try to fix the insurance mess and not name call.

  7. I think they mean that the total cost will increase $3000 a year; and that the cost of the insurance will be $18,ooo as vs $15,000 per year. It is confusing, and a lot of money either way.

  8. Your entire ‘system’ of insurance and big Pharma lobbyists is insane to us in the rest of the world, but it unleashes murderous warlords in suits on all of us, they are the top predators. Since Gilead has had the cure for hep C, which 2% of the world needs, 5 million have died because no amount of profit will ever be enough. An American dies every 25 minutes (more than HIV) just because of the price, cooked up between those players. We are pushing back- there is a direct action you can take, reputable buyers clubs of generic hep C medication -I used FixhepC- are saving 1000’s of people worldwide but it is very hard to get the news to you in the uS, where all the trouble starts. This is identical, safe, legal, there is clinical trial results, and if you share this information you can save someone like me. Stigma keeps it hidden, is why media won’t cover it.

  9. Someone already corrected the error about $3000 equaling $18,000 by saying: a person 60 years of age would have to pay $3000 a year for six years until they could go on Social Security at 66. I think that clears it up.

  10. Just so nobody gets it wrong if anyone noticed the one major group that hasn’t complained about the proposed Trumpcare plan it’s the so called Health Ins. Corps. who will profit immensely under this plan and couldn’t care less who they kill or injure. Is this what all you folks who voted for Donald wanted a BIGLY increase in your Health Ins. bills?

  11. Ever notice how the Republicans insist they Love America yet seem to really HATE Americans ? What they really mean is that they LOVE to Fleece Americans at every turn to make their own wealth . modern day snake oil salesmen

  12. I am convinced my government simply wants me dead. Without the subsidy I will not have any insurance at all. There are many like me who have worked numerous jobs all our lives but do not make enough to pay the outrageous fee the medical establishment have created to make big dollars. What are they going to do when all of us play by the rules folks ARE dead? They should really try to keep us alive simply to keep thier pockets full…..

  13. I know this add is supposed to be folksy, but it’s still too wordy and complicated for the people it’s aimed at. Look what the republicans do, they pick a couple words, like “Death Tax” and play it over and over. When will progressives learn how to communicate with the masses? If you don’t know how to do it, hire an advertising agency, the kind that made cigarettes and coca cola look like a good idea.

  14. There has ALWAYS (as long as I have been alive) been different costs for insurance based upon age, sex, job and location.
    Geez, my insurance cost is different than yours. Isn’t yours different than others?

  15. Welp, I was wanting to share this on Facebook for all my Trumpian friends who will be affected by this stupid “fix” to Obamacare, but as long as “$3000 a year” equals “$18,000 a year”, I can’t.

  16. Health Insurance Companies already charge premiums based on age. The older you are the more you pay. There is a 4 your difference between myself, a female, and one of our workers, a male. We pay $106.20 more a month for me than him. Up until a year ago, he smoked his entire life. Ridiculous!!

  17. AARP doesn’t do well in the ads department. This one makes no mathematical sense, and I still refuse to join AARP because of that horrible ad where an emaciated woman was jogging in a mini-skirt and stilettos, and the voice-over made it sound as though THAT’S what anyone over 50 should and is aspiring to be! Talk about misogynistic and out of touch with the reality of aging!! They need to find a new ad agency.

  18. What a stupid commercial. I can’t believe people are falling for it. $3,000 per year equals $18,000 per year – how?

  19. I’m confused. The spokesperson says in one breath that the “age tax” could be as much as $3,000 per year and then, in the next breath, that it would be up to $18,000 per year. (If it were $3,000 per month, that would be $36,000 per year, so it’s not just an oral “typo” substituting the word “year” for “month” in the first breath.) Did I mention that I was confused?

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