WATCH: The NRA Wants To Fist The New York Times

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The NRA has brought outrage to a whole new and uncomfortable level with a controversy over exactly what it is that they want to do the New York Times, “fist” or “fisk.”

In an attempt to lash out at the Times, the NRA produced a video railing against the publication. In the video, spokeswoman Dana Loesch announces to the world that the gun loving group has declared war against the Times.

Consider this the shot across your bow,” Loesch said. “We’re going to [unclear] the New York Times and find out just what deep rich means to this old gray hag.”

“In short,” she said, “we’re coming for you.

The video included the hashtag #ClenchedFistofTruth, so it isn’t surprising that when Loesch said, “We’re going to ‘fist’ The New York Times,” many people indeed thought she said “fist.” However, when HuffPost contributing reporter Yashar Ali tweeted about the NRA wanting to “fist” the NYT, Loesch lost her shit.

So, what the hell does “fisk” mean? Well, Loesch was ready with a definition.

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On Friday, Loesch was throwing a complete temper tantrum on Twitter, berating journalists for not being as familiar with British slang as she thinks they should be. In case you aren’t as up on the lingo as the NRA, the term refers to “an Internet argument tactic involving a reprinting of an article or blog post, interlarded with rebuttals and refutations, often intended to show the original is a sandpile of flawed facts, unfounded assertion, and logical fallacies.” continues, explaining that the term was “named for English journalist Robers Fisk (b.1946), MiddleEast correspondent for the ‘Independent,’ whose writing often criticizes America and Israel and is somewhat noted for looseness with details.”

You can watch the video, which is disturbing regardless of whether they want to “fist” or “fisk” the New York Times, here:

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