WATCH: The Hilariously (Un)amusing ‘Lyin’ Hillary Doll’

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Oh, it is to laugh. 25 years ago or so, the right came up with a narrative that Hillary Clinton is fundamentally dishonest and they’ve been pushing that story ever since. It doesn’t matter that it’s demonstrably not true, it “feels” true and as we all know, “feelings” are more important than “reality.”

And that brings us to “The Lyin’ Hillary Doll.” For just $24.99, you, too, can own a 11.5 inch long doll of Hillary Clinton with 18 “lies” Hillary has told over the years.

The site even has a nifty little video with a few of her “lies” and the “proof” she lied. The first is the sniper fire story she told which, to be fair, actually was a lie. The next is, surprise!, about her emails. Curiously, the “proof” that she shared classified documents is a quote from John Kirby at the State Department proving that the documents were not actually classified at the time they were emailed.

Then, in a truly bizarre twist, whoever put the sales video together used Cenk Uygar’s voice from The Young Turks (presumably without his permission) to discuss the FBI investigation. At this point, a person might wonder if the doll was created by angry Bernie supporters but then the video attacks Hillary for her opposition to coal. Doesn’t sound very Berniesque so I’m going to assume this is the creation of a right winger or some sort.

Regardless of whoever made it, the fact that the commercial is being aired on Investigation Discovery means you can drop the Discovery Channel a little note expressing your displeasure at this kind of nonsense:

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