WATCH: SNL Cold Open Was The Best Yet

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Saturday Night Live upped the ante for their season finale. “Trump”, played by Alec Baldwin, and his whole crew (yes, the kids, too) sang a final swan song. Scarlett Johansson made a surprise appearance as Ivanka – and two regular cast members joined the cast as Donald Jr and Eric. “Sarah Huckabee Sanders” and “Death” joined in, as well. The song was the same swan song Kate McKinnon performed as Hillary after the election – Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. Only tonight, McKinnon was portraying Kellyanne Conway. It was glorious.

Hallelujah that pig man is being investigated, amiright? If the Donald is impeached, the only thing we will literally miss is the hilarious skits skewering him on Saturday Night Live. They will just move on to Pence if there is an impeachment, but there are only so many Freudian mother-wife jokes that can be written.

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