WATCH: Schoolchildren Perfectly Sum Up Trump’s SAD! Presidency In Less Than A Minute

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The Circus: Inside The Biggest Story On Earth is a real-time documentary series that follows American politics, political culture and government. It features interviews with well-known politicians and gives analysis of headlining stories. This week, The Circus visited a group of fifth graders to learn their views on Donald Trump and his presidency.

The host asked a variety of questions and let the children answer in turn. Some of the questions were “Why do you think politics is like a circus?”, “What has Trump done so far as president?” and “Describe President Trump in one word.”

The descriptions of Trump say a lot about the way children view our current leader (if that’s what you want to call him). The children, being children, answered honestly. Here is a partial list of their one-word descriptions about The Orange One.

Disrespectful, Untruthful, Troubling, Misled and Unpredictable.

This is how ten year-olds view our president – the leader of the free world. How sad is that? Like really, truly sad. The office of the president used to be the top goal, the cliche is even still used “you can be president one day, Timmy.”

This list is the qualifications of a psychopath or dictator; in Trump’s case, both.

When I was ten, there was no person who ranked higher than the president. Now, kids have this man as their model. They do not trust him at all. When did the benchmark of decorum get lowered so dramatically? I swear it got lost somewhere between Jerry SpringerThe Bachelor and the Kardashian clan.

This is a never-ending, nightmare reality show where Donald Trump is the star and we’re just the extras. But, it’s these children’s future that’s being played with. Maybe we should listen to them.

Watch this class of fifth graders answer questions and think more critically than the majority of adults on the internet. You can see their one-word adjectives for Trump at the 1:10 mark:

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  1. You do know those kids probably got what they said from their parents right? I would rather get something like this from a guy talking with teens ages 16 to 19.

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