WATCH: Responsible Gun Owner Shoots AT&T Trucks Because They Were Threatening His Driveway

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Jorge Jove, a retired firefighter from Florida, was recently annoyed by some AT&T utility trucks parked on the street near his home. He had words with them because he felt as though they were blocking his driveway. To be fair, they did block his driveway and that shit is inconsiderate as hell. The workers told him that they would move as soon as their job was over. However, the job required the workers to stay longer than Jove would have liked.

The 64-year-old calmly walked out of his home, gun in hand and started shooting the trucks. Because that is what rational human beings do when feeling inconvenienced. A neighbor said Mr. Jove is an “impeccable” man. Apparently, having those trucks blocking his driveway threatened his sanity and sense of order – fuck the law.

Hialeah Police Sgt. Carl Zogby stated,

He flattened their tires, he shot into the bodies of the trucks, he shot at one of the radiators of the trucks. We’re trying to determine now whether he was actually intentionally trying to shoot the workers or just shoot the vehicles.

Aren’t we thankful that responsible men like Jorge Jove have such easy access to guns? I know I feel safer with men like him patrolling our neighborhoods.

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