WATCH: Racist Screams ‘N*gger’ And ‘B*tch’ At Woman, Nine-Year-Old Daughter

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Paula Nuguid was riding her bike in Sunnyvale, California with her nine-year-old daughter.  She was following the rules of the road – attempting to make a left-hand turn and yielding to oncoming traffic. The man in the car behind her started laying on his horn, clearly impatient that he had to wait. I get it, traffic is annoying. However, he started calling her a “bitch” in front of her daughter in addition to the ceaseless honking.

Nuguid was not having it. She went to his open window to ask him what his problem was. He began rolling up the window in her face. She was incensed and asked, “How fucking dare you, you entitled white prick?!” They went back and forth for a while. He basically told her to shut the fuck up. She told him she could tell he was not from California. His reply was classy AF.

You fucking Cambodian n*gger, get out of here.

She informed him that his dumb ass was going to be on Facebook, but he didn’t seem to mind – he mocked her and seemed not at all bothered by throwing out one of the strangest slurs Nuguid said she had ever heard.

Watch this whole stupid exchange below. I can’t help but see the little girl’s face and how scared she looks. At least she knew that the whole encounter was wrong.

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  1. Don’t engage in confrontations with other motorists. Walk away so you can live another day…

  2. So she throws the “entitled white prick” thing at him and what is he supposed to say? “Yes I am sorry for being an entitled white prick”. Funny how liberals can dish it out but get all insulted when they get it right back.

  3. And just to be clear you are defending a woman who is calling a motorist “an entitled white prick” in front of her 9 year old?

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