WATCH: Racist On Subway Shouts N-Word, Gets His Ass Handed To Him

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Since Donald Trump’s election, America’s racists have felt so empowered more and more of them are showing their true colors in public. And while that is very disheartening to those of us who love our country and believe in inclusiveness, what makes it easier to deal with is that the racism is still not socially acceptable. A cellphone video captured a man on a Brooklyn-bound train finding that out the hard way recently.

According to witness Joshua Pyne, the irate man in the video called a group of black men “stupid n*ggers” just before someone started filming and it led to his being called out by other passengers. Pissed off that he was being publicly shamed for his racism, he completely lost his shit:

Understandably, this woman of color and a couple other folks as you can see in the video, call the guy out,” Pyne said. “This guy starts caterwauling about his 1st Amendment rights and whatnot. The guy didn’t seem to be falling-down drunk, but was …clearly belligerent.

About a minute and a half into the video, the train stops and the other people decide they have had enough. A group surrounds the man and push him onto the platform, he tries to get back on when suddenly a cup of soup is thrown in his face.

I have said it before and I will say it now: I don’t condone violence, but I am 100% okay with scumbags like this getting their asses handed to them. As the mother of a mixed child, I don’t want vile human beings like this man to walk away from situations where they are screaming racial slurs unscathed; I’m also cool with punching Nazis. If that makes me a bad person, oh well.

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