WATCH: Preacher Thinks The Deaths Of Syrian Children Are Prophetic

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Lance Wallnau is a very right-wing preacher. He speaks at conferences, various churches and online. He has his own Facebook page, Twitter account and website. He also uses Periscope. This man’s social media game is STRONG – I don’t even use that. On Friday, he made a video to talk about Thursday night’s bombing of the Syrian airbase.

You probably already guessed that he was super excited about it, because of course he was. Don’t all boys love missiles? He took that time to not only discuss the Syrian strike, but the Johnson Amendment, as well. You know the one: tax-exempt organizations like churches have to stay out of politics. Ole Lance thinks that the Johnson Amendment is stupid. I am certain he would love to indoctrinate people in his politics as well as his religion. There’s A LOT more money to be made in politics than speaking at conferences. Just sayin’.

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He thinks that the attack on the Syrian people was “prophetic” – one of those everyday miracles, people. Why? Because of the use of nerve gas. Yep, that is prophetic because certain church leaders have ‘lost their nerve’.

The reason why that is prophetic is the fact that the Church in America has lost its nerve. We have been running around afraid …. God’s gonna give us the ability to give us our nerve back ’cause it was a nerve gas attack that Syria did.

This man honestly believes that Assad, in Syria, had GOD work through him to send a message to American religious leaders that they need to grow a pair. I think that has to be the craziest damn reason for the horrible, agonizing deaths a bunch of innocent children had to endure. What a loving god, y’all. I suppose ‘God’ is only concerned about America – gotta get those preachers preaching about the virtues of Donald Trump. I would laugh at the idea if it weren’t so terribly depressing.

WATCH this grown-ass man talk about the death of children as though they were merely private messages to America’s preachers:

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