WATCH: Pastor High On His White Privilege Goes Full Stupid About ‘Take A Knee’ Protests

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Among the many idiots who have decided to give us their thoughts on the NFL players kneeling is Pastor Greg Locke from Mount Juliet, TN. He decided to do a video, while driving, in order to share his thoughts. Apparently, his love for Jesus causes him to want to meet him sooner rather than later because he just couldn’t wait to do a video while not operating a moving vehicle.

He lets the viewers know that if you’re feeling squeamish about him videoing and driving, it compares to the rest of America’s thoughts on NFL players kneeling during the national anthem and presentation of the flag.

Yeah, I didn’t make the connection either.

He goes on to tell players to go out and play the game and keep their politics off the field. Scoffing at ” “white privilege” and “black oppression” he tells us:

Most of you don’t even know what you’re kneeling for!

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Right, because those players are completely uninformed and have no idea what is happening in the United States. Yep. This guy is such a fucking idiot.

He goes on to say:

Respect the Flag! Respect the United States of America! Go make your millions and don’t lecture me while I drive around in a beat up minivan about white privilege!

Oh the righteous anger!

He tries to connect with viewers by backpedaling a little, though it doesn’t help:

Listen, I’m against black oppression! But if you were really against it, you would get off the field, you would go to Chicago, you would go to the projects where it’s black on black crime predominantly. And drugs have gone absolutely, nonsensically crazy and people are killing each other every single day! That’s black oppression, ladies and gentleman!

Apparently, Pastor Greg hasn’t done his research and doesn’t realize that a good chunk of professional black athletes come from areas like the projects in Chicago. They know exactly what they’re doing and who they’re doing it for when they kneel during that anthem. They know what it’s like to experience black oppression, unlike the stupid ass pastor.

He goes on to justify himself, saying black oppression doesn’t happen in his “everyday life.” He’s got a “non-white” daughter and black people in his church who are some of the best people he knows!

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The only one here that needs to get a reality check isPastor Greg, who just needs to shut the fuck up and sit his white privileged ass down.

You can watch Pastor Greg in all of his glorious stupidity below:


Posted by Pastor Greg Locke on Thursday, September 28, 2017

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