WATCH: Pastor Decides To Take A Stand Against Planned Parenthood By…Littering

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Pastor Greg Locke from Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet, TN is angry. He is REALLY angry. Someone made a donation to Planned Parenthood in his name and he is NOT having it. Because he made a video last month about a thank you card from PP he received (see it here), supporters of the family planning organization sent him all sorts of gifts and thank you cards of their own:

People mailing me here at the church: tampons, contraceptives, you name it, sex toys – all different types of despicable things just to prove their point… I am still very much against the murder of unborn babies that you like to call ‘abortion’ …. you butcher nearly 500 girls every single day of the year… It was one simple, little card that caused a viral stir and now we literally have hundreds … of hate-filled, crazy mail and hundreds of thank you cards from Planned Parenthood.

I tend to lean to the heathen side and think sending the pastor condoms is hysterical. I can’t help it. He could have let it go. He could have called PP and asked them nicely to quit sending him mail. Instead, on April 27 he is going to the Planned Parenthood in DC to pray and stuff. At Noon he’s going to dump all the mail he has received in front of their building. Because Jesus preached that passive aggression is a virtue.

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I hope he gets fined. I also hope he receives more mail than he will be able to handle by himself and that increases the fine. I’m the Passive Aggressive Queen.

Watch this pastor strut in front of his camera telling his followers to join him and donate to Right to Life. You will notice that at the end of the video, he gives the address of Planned Parenthood instead of Right to Life’s information. Kinda tells you what his true agenda is. I am sure this will drum up business for his public speaking gig:

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