WATCH: Muslim Candidate Put The Lid On This Reporter’s Foolish Questions In Under 2 Minutes 

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Giovanna Drpic of CBS 46 Atlanta recently had the opportunity to interview candidates of local campaigns. One of these happened to be a Muslim by the name of Mohammad Ali Bhuiyan. As you have probably already guessed, she asked him about terrorism. Because of course she did.

Mr. Bhuiyan, you’re proud of potentially becoming the first Republican Muslim congressman in Georgia, yet some people are frankly uncomfortable with the notion of a Muslim in office….
Do you believe that President Trump’s orders represent a quote unquote Muslim ban? Have you used the term radical Islam? And where have you publicly denounced terror attacks committed by Muslims?

What the hell, lady? WHY would you direct a volley of questions like that at the ONLY Muslim candidate? I don’t think that’s racism, but it’s certainly akin to it. Is the travel ban really that important when it comes to local elections? She wants to know where he has denounced terror attacks. What? Why such a list of extreme questions for a candidate so … middle of the road?

Besides being the only Muslim among the candidates, he is also a Republican. However, he seems a bit more of a moderate Republican than the current level of crazy that has taken over the party we so love to hate. He doesn’t seem to be disgustingly far right. His site states he supports the second amendment (it doesn’t say how strongly), he supports strong borders and extreme vetting and he is pro-life but concedes abortion is a hard choice for anyone.

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Mr. Bhuiyan answered her ridiculous questions with much more grace than I would have been able to muster. He does, after all, have an accent. I am sure he is OVER questions from ignorant people. He managed to make her eat her questions without making himself seem like an ass:

Well, it’s a very interesting dais. As you pointed out I’m a Muslim candidate. We’ve got Mr. Jonas of course is an Orthodox Jewish candidate. We’ve got Baptists, you got all kinds of religions… I’ve been vetted multiple times…I denounce any forms of violence or extremism anywhere in the world. Whether it is here, anywhere, by anybody – not just one religion, any religion.

Watch this reporter make an absolute ass of herself. I’m sure you’ll feel as uncomfortable as everyone else there:

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