WATCH: Man Harassed By Texas Officers For Mowing Lawns While Black

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How many of you have gone door-to-door asking people if they need their lawns mowed? It’s a fairly common practice and a great way to make some extra cash during the summer in America. Well, apparently, this is just one more activity African-Americans have to put on the list of things that they are not allowed to do–right next to walking down the street and driving.

On July 18, Marlin Gipson and his brothers were going through a neighborhood in Houston, Texas and asking its residents if they need any yard work done. A short time later they were mowing a lawn when a police officer pulled up and started harassing them. The cop asked Gipson his name, date of birth and what he why he was going through the neighborhood knocking on doors. Gipson explained that they were handing out business cards for their lawn care company. Apparently not satisfied, the police officer asked Gipson for his ID, which he did not have on him. At that point, Gipson was obviously annoyed that he was being harassed so he asked the cop why he was bothering him and for a card with his name on it. Officer Profiler did not like that, took out his handcuffs and told Gipson to put his hands behind his back.

Gipson, who was recording the confrontation, started backing up and responded:

For what? Hey, nope…this man is trying to arrest me…I asked him for a card with his name, I’ve got it all on recording, we’re going to court, sir, thank you.

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According to the video, Gipson then went home. The police showed up at his house a short time later and after some kind of incident that was not captured, released a police dog on him, arrested him and took him to jail.

The police department later spoke out about the incident and said that Gipson provided a false name, resisted arrest and had an old warrant out for his arrest. And that’s fine, right? He had a warrant, he should have gone to jail for the warrant, but it’s the way that the cops discovered that he had a warrant that is the problem. There is absolutely no question that this officer originally stopped Gipson because he was a black guy handing out business cards in an affluent neighborhood.

When that cop stopped him, he had no idea that Gipson had a warrant. He only found out about it after racially profiling him. Period (as Spicey says). Do you think a group of young white men would have been detained by the police and questioned while they were mowing lawns? Fuck no and if you say,”Yeah, yeah they would’ve,” you, my friend, are a liar. My white brothers were never, ever stopped by the police for doing the same damn thing and I bet yours, or you, haven’t either.

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This situation is a perfect example of the systemic discrimination African-Americans deal with every single day in this country and it is disgusting.


Black teen In Houston attacked by cops

Black teen in Houston Texas out cutting grass and passing out business cards, gets harassed by cops. They later broke into his home and attacked him with dogs. 7-18-2017

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