Watch Kellyanne Conway Deny Trump Jr.’s Collusion While Admitting There Was Collusion

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And now the thick plottens in the Trump/Russia scandal. Don Jr. has admitted that he met with a Russian lawyer who has Kremlin connections during the presidential campaign because he thought he was going to be given damaging information about Hillary Clinton. That’s almost a textbook example of collusion — except to Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway.

Conway appeared on Good Morning America on July 10 to talk about the story, where she insisted that nothing in the report about Junior’s meeting suggested collusion between him or other campaign staff and the Russians. The only problem with that line is that by saying he was expecting to get information on Clinton from the meeting, Junior is admitting that he was prepared to accept Russian help. He claims the expected information wasn’t supplied, but that doesn’t matter if his expectation was that he would be furnished with it.

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Think about how police set up sting operations to catch child predators. They lure suspects with the promise of meeting an underage person for sex. And when that suspect shows up, he is busted. There is no child involved, and no sexual activity takes place. Yet the would-be predator is still arrested and charged with a crime, because of what he believed would happen. Kellyanne can pretend all she wants that because Junior (not to mention Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner, who were also at the meeting) didn’t get the dirt on Hillary he was expecting, there wasn’t any collusion. But that’s not how it works, and she certainly knows that.

Watch Kellyanne Conway tell host George Stephanopoulos that Don Jr. didn’t collude with Russians because he didn’t get what he expected out of his meeting, thereby at the same time admitting that Trump’s intent was collusion:

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