WATCH: Jon Stewart Crashed Jimmy Kimmel Last Night And He Was As Hilarious As Ever

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As a thirteen-year-old Jewish kid, it doesn’t get much better than Jimmy Kimmel congratulating you on your bar mitzvah live on his show—unless it is Jon Stewart making a surprise appearance while Kimmel is congratulating you to ask why you didn’t pick HIM for your talk show host themed party.

Stewart, who is Jewish, did just that on Jimmy Kimmel last night. He appeared out of nowhere while Kimmel  was speaking to 13 year old Will Rubin, who is a big fan of Kimmel’s and based his bar mitzvah theme after the show. Stewart interrupted Kimmel by asking if he could speak to Rubin “privately”, then proceeded to hilariously berate the teenager for choosing Kimmel—a non-Jewish talk show host– and suggesting that he should picked a fellow Jew and had a Jon Stewart themed party instead.  Said Stewart,

Wouldn’t you rather idolize a talk show host that is also circumcised? I don’t know how I put this. How do the kids say it? He’s still…wearing his hoodie.

Stewart went on to tell Rubin not to be fooled by Kimmel’s beard and “sad, puffy eyes,”  saying that Kimmel may LOOK Jewish but is actually just unhealthy.

Watch the entire clip below to get a much needed Jon Stewart fix.

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