WATCH: John Oliver Explains Why Trump Is A Walrus Wearing An ‘I Have Diarrhea’ Shirt

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Did you ever think that we were going to reach a point in our lives when we’d hear a television host explain why our president is like a walrus in a t-shirt with “I have diarrhea” scrolled across it and think,”That makes total sense!” Yeah, me.fucking.either. But yay! Here we are in this fun new universe where our president is such like a walrus wearing an “I have diarrhea” shirt on.

In the beginning of Last Week Tonight, Sunday, John Oliver managed to do just that. After playing a clip of Sarah Huckabee Sanders attempting to explain away Trump’s bullshit, the comedian said:

Trump is basically a walrus wearing a t-shirt that says,’I have diarrhea.’ He’s pretty open about how grossly, shitty he can be, so we can’t really be shocked when he suddenly is.

Oliver then launched into a round-up of all the “grossly, shitty” things Trump did this week, including the reinstatement of the travel ban and his CNN WWE tweet. By the end of the segment, I was 100% convinced Trump is really the walrus in the t-shirt–one that just overdid the walrus-tan and ended up really fucking orange.


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