WATCH: Handy Video Shows Us ‘How To Recognize A Fascist’

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After the horrendous events in Charlottesville, fascists have been driven back. But Millennial Nazis have recently posted strategies on message boards about “fixing” the Alt-right. Recognizing fascists requires being able to read subtext because they’ve learned how to become sneaky. They will disavow anything to do with fascism if they’re talking to what they term a “normie,” or someone who doesn’t believe what they do and would instantly be against their beliefs as soon as they start showing their racist ideals. They want to win “normies” and centrist liberal or conservatives over so they can keep spreading their bullshit beliefs.

According to the video, Contemporary Fascists share three core beliefs:

  1. People of European heritage are or ought to constitute a biological, cultural, and political unity known as “the white race “– sometimes dog-whistled as “Western-Culture”
  2. Jews are masterminding the destruction of the white race through multiculturalism and non-white immigration (“white genocide” or “ethnic replacement”)
  3. The only way to save the white race is to establish a “white homeland,” or “ethnostate,” from which non-whites and degenerates must be purged.

They use several strategies, such as outright denial, euphemisms, free speech, secret symbols and more to win centrists over and bring their beliefs to the public eye without actually calling themselves White Nationalists. Fascists want to divert attention away from themselves and vilify any group that is against them, so they use Republican and Democratic rhetoric to cover their tracks through deception and manipulation.

Great people, right?

Watch the video below. It’s important, I promise.

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