WATCH: Fox F*cks Up Story, Tries To Backtrack, Fails Bigly

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The people of Fox News sometimes get so excited about a story that appears to make the perceived enemies of their homeboy Trump look bad that they forget to make sure that it is true before blasting it all over the airwaves. Which is exactly what happened on June 23, when Fox picked up a story that former FBI Director James Comey and his wife were seen going into The New York Times offices and ran with it.

The visit was immediately labeled “sneaky” and Fox hosts took turns speculating on what devious things Comey may have been doing while in the building. Jillian Mele starts the speculation by stating, “The New York Times gets a special visitor. The Daily Mail got these pictures of former FBI Director James Comey stopping by their office in Manhattan. He reportedly spent three hours inside.” To which co-host Ed Henry responds:

Wonder what James Comey was doing at The New York Times. It’s so odd.

As it turns out, Mr. Comey and his wife are former foster parents and were attending a charity event at a law firm in the same building as the Times to support foster children and their legal advocates. The group they were supporting, CASA, is a non-profit that “supports and promotes court-appointed volunteer advocacy so every abused or neglected child in the United States can be safe, have a permanent home and the opportunity to thrive.”

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Had the idiots at Fox done any investigation at all they would have known that the question of why Comey and his wife visited the building had been answered many hours prior to their faux report by New York Times reporter and White House Correspondent Maggie Haberman, and could have saved themselves a lot of embarrassment….

The Haberman tweets were originally posted on June 22nd at 7:09 pm–about 12 hours prior to the Fox News report.

The hosts realized their error later in the show and awkwardly tried to backtrack on their erroneous statements, but the damage to their credibility was already done. Maybe next time they should actually verify that a story is true before covering it, just like the real live reporters do? In this case, a quick check of Twitter would have shown them that the story was fake. Or maybe they are finally embracing the moniker Faux News and the apparent strategy of bff Donald Trump—just making sh*t up and hoping people are ignorant enough to believe it.

Watch Fox backtrack…twice:

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