WATCH: Florida Man Threatened With Arrest For Walking While Black

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Come, my friends! Come see the North American Scumbag Cop defending the streets from the scourge of black men walking and minding their own business! He puffs his chest! He threatens arrest! He violates civil rights! He makes the law up as he goes! It will make your blood boil!

I’m sorry if I sound glib but, seriously, it’s the only way to keep from reaching into my computer to slap the white off another racist cop trying to terrorize the black community:

He said "you did do something illegal , you crossed the crosswalk !" 😂😂😂 since when has that became illegal 🤔🤷🏽‍♂️ ??…

Posted by Vonte Shipman on Wednesday, June 21, 2017

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The arrogance and, let’s be honest here, whiny petulance, of “Officer” J. Bolen is astonishing. I’m not a fan of Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks but he regularly (and correctly) points out that the worst crime in America as far as the police are concerned is being disrespected. And that’s exactly what we’re seeing here: A cop decided to bully a couple of black men and they didn’t cower in fear. Even worse, they stood up for their constitutional rights and you can hear Bolen become enraged at their lack of deference. The only thing that kept him from arresting the dangerous jaywalking criminal was that the entire encounter was being recorded and even Bolen had to understand he wouldn’t be able to defend arresting a man for not kissing his ass.

Devonte Shipman, the 21-year-old that made the recording, was given three fines, one small one for crossing against the light ($62.50), one for jaywalking ($65) and another larger fine for not carrying a license ($136). The last one is insulting since, this being America and all, you do not have to carry identification on you at all times unless you’re driving a car and the law the cop stated literally doesn’t exist for pedestrians. Perhaps Bolen is confusing Florida for the Soviet police state from the Cold War?

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The saddest part about this is that it was a relief that the encounter didn’t end with Shipman and his friend being beaten to a pulp or killed. Because that’s the kind of country we live in where a good day for a black man is only being harassed by racist cops instead of being murdered.


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  1. This is not a cop, this is a PIG, a goddamned fascist PIG. Harassed and detained for being Black. I promise, if I had ‘jaywalked” and I am White, this cop would have ignored me. This cop would make Trump and the rest of the Nazi’s proud. He needs to trade his blue shirt in for a black shirt. The SS would love to have this so-called cop as a recruit.

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