WATCH: Cop Tries To Bully Man For Recording Illegal Harassment But Joke’s On Him

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What happens when you get pulled over in front of a drug house while driving for Uber? For one man, you record the police despite being told multiple times to turn off the camera.

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Jesse Bright is a defense attorney. He most definitely knows his rights under the law.

The policeman tells him at one point that it is illegal to record the police and that he would take the Uber-driver/attorney to jail – he even cites a NEW LAW that does not exist. Alternative laws, y’all!

Watch this cop try to violate Mr. Bright’s rights and lie repeatedly. This is a call for everyone to learn their rights and remember them. This reckless disregard for the rule of law is why more and more people are starting to distrust the police. And now that Trump is empowering the police to be even more reckless, expect things to get really bad, really fast.

We hope that Bright follows this incident up and the obviously power-tripping officer is disciplined. It’s time the “good apples” did something about all of the rotten ones spoiling the barrel.

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