Watch: Channing Tatum Makes One Lucky Lady Squirm

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No one expects to be randomly plucked off the streets and escorted to a plush couch on live television where Channing Tatum is waiting to woo you, but that’s exactly what happened to this lucky lady, Jennifer.

On  Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel had his sidekick Guillermo out on the street trying to find someone who would like to be Channing’s Valentine — not a hard task if you ask me. Jennifer, who had no idea what was going on, was escorted to the live stage where Channing was waiting to whisper candy heart messages into her ear

. Oh Yeah! Jimmy Kimmel may have made this lady’s night, even century!

Channing even hand-fed the candy to her and when Kimmel wanted to make sure she wasn’t diabetic her response was priceless.

I don’t care!

I’m right there with you. Between the smooth “Magic Mike” moves and the way he whispered into her ear… I have a feeling he would make a fortune cookie sound sexy.

Check out the lucky lady below:


Featured image via screen capture

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