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WATCH: Bill Maher’s Faux-Obama Repeating Trump Quotes Is Everything

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In an hilarious segment on Real Time with Bill Maher titled “What If Obama Said It?”, an Obama impersonator reads Trump quotes in an attempt to highlight the absurdity of the GOP standing behind many of Trump’s ridiculous statements. Says Maher:

[We are] here to help Republicans test their theory that they’d be cool with it if some of the crap that comes out of Trump’s mouth was said by Obama. And I stress, this may not be the real Obama, but these are really Trump’s words. Every one of them, verbatim.

Maher begins the segment by showing two clips of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan reacting to statements made by President Obama and by Donald Trump during a State of the Union address. Although the statements by the two men are nearly identical, Ryan gives Trump a standing ovation and sits scowling with his arms crossed in reaction to Obama saying pretty much the same thing.

As Maher points out, this behavior is not exclusive to Paul Ryan. Many in the GOP and on the Right have stood by nodding and agreeing while Trump makes statements that would have had them protesting in the streets if they had come from Obama.  Like when Trump said this about John McCain:

He’s not a war hero. He’s a hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.

Or when he was overheard telling his golfing buddies that the White House is “a real dump.”

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When Obama signed executive orders conservatives went ballistic, claiming government overreach and calling him an “imperial president.” Trump issued 20 executive orders just in his first 10 days in office, and the same conservatives applauded his ability to get things done—even when Trump’s executive orders were ruled to be unconstitutional.

When asked about how he was coming up with his military strategy, Trump stated:

I’m speaking with myself. Number one, because I have a very good brain…and I’ve said a lot of things.

If Obama had given the same reasoning for his military strategy, Sean Hannity would be dead right now, with the death certificate giving “his head exploded” as the cause of death.

Maher ends the segment by pointing out that if Obama had ever said he could just “grab’em by the pussy” he would have been arrested rather than being elected president. White privilege, anyone?

The GOP are forgetting one critical thing: Trump’s “base”, while loud and obnoxious, does NOT represent a majority of Americans. Contrary to his false claims, Trump did not win the popular vote. And many of the Conservatives that did vote for him only did so because they would have voted for anyone other than Clinton. Continuing to stand with Donald Trump while he makes ridiculous statements about our country, buddies up to Putin and Russia, and fails to make good on any of his campaign promises is nothing less than political suicide.

WATCH: Obama Impersonator Reads Trump Quotes

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