Watch: Angry White Male Threatens A White Woman For Having ‘Chinese Eyes’

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Riding the Q train in Brooklyn, a white man approached a woman after she asked him to quit staring at her. He approached her not by asking for her name or number, but with unfounded anger. He threatens to kill her. His anger seems to stem from him believing that she is Chinese. She caught his whole rant on video and put it on Facebook

At one point, he says,

Look at your f*cking eyes, you’re f*cking Chinese. Motherf*cker — get the f*ck out of my country before I murder your whole f*cking nation.

After she protested and told him that it was her country, too and that she was WHITE, he continued on.

You know this is my country, right? You’re in my f*cking property. You are my property. I have the right to f*cking murder your whole f*cking nation.

Meanwhile, as the stranger is telling her that this is his country, he’s speaking in what sounds like a European accent – irony, much? She ended the video when she told him to get off at the next stop or she was calling the police.

Xenophobia seems to be more pronounced than it’s ever been. With all the anti-immigration rhetoric and a leader who tweets whatever the hell is on his mind at any given time, people feel entitled to be hateful, unaccepting assholes.

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Watch this dude freak out because the woman riding on the train with him appeared to have “Chinese eyes.”

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