WATCH: Airbnb Host Cancels Reservation Because Racism Is Ok In Trump’s America

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Steve Kuzj, a reporter and host for KTLA5 in Los Angeles recently shared a video to his Facebook and Twitter pages. The video is of an Asian-American woman, tear-streaked face, talking about a last-minute cancellation of her Airbnb reservation by the host.

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At first it seemed as though the host did not want to honor the reservation because the client brought two friends along who weren’t on the original. After the client points out that the host was notified and agreed, the host reiterated that the reservation was canceled and cited being Asian as the reason for the cancellation.

I wouldn’t rent to u if u were the last person on earth. One word says it all. Asian. Its why we have trump. And I will not allow this country be told what to do by foreigners.

The cancelled reservation and no place to say aside, the client was most hurt by the blatant racism.

I am an American. This is my home. I have been here since I was three years-old. I consider myself an American.

Trump’s America gets uglier by the day. It seems as though Lord Cheeto has emboldened the closet racists. Now, they are proudly waving the hate flag because they have an out. The Orange One hides his biases behind terrorism and crime and his supporters hide behind his fat ass.

A short update: Since the writing of this article, Airbnb has confirmed with local NBC news that the Trump supporting jerkwad has been banned from the company. “You’re fired, lady!”

Watch Airbnb customer in tears talk about her cancelled reservation because of the host’s intolerance:

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