Washington Post: Trump Is Averaging 5 Lies A Day

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The Washington Post, that failing pile of fake news garbage, has been keeping a list of Donald Trump’s alternative facts untruths misspoken statements total fucking lies and if he told any more whoppers, Burger King might be forced to sue for copyright infringement:

Throughout President Trump’s first 100 days, the Fact Checker team will be tracking false and misleading claims made by the president since Jan. 20.

Trump has been in office for 67 days. As of our latest update on day 63, we’ve counted 317 false or misleading claims.

That’s amazing. Politicians lie just like everyone else ever in the history of the human race has but Trump is something else entirely. He’s not just run of the mill politician dishonest, he’s a pathological liar; as in, he has a serious mental disorder that forces him to lie about everything , all the time, even stupid stuff he doesn’t need to lie about.

Some of it is ignorance, like his claims that our trade deficit is $800 billion instead of $500 billion. He’s too lazy and stupid to bother looking up and remembering the actual number. But a lot of it is just the ravings of a lunatic that really believes what he’s saying when he says it. And when he finds out later he was wrong, he lies about saying it in the first place.

Since his inauguration, Trump has only gone three whole days without lying about something. And two of those were Sundays when he was busy playing golf instead of working like he swore he would.

The next time someone tells you that Hillary is just as dishonest, remember to slap them in the face for being a fucking idiot.

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