Elizabeth Warren Gives Keynote Speech At Fight For Freedom Dinner

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Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) gave the keynote address at the 62nd annual Fight for Freedom Fund Dinner given by the Detroit chapter of the NAACP Sunday evening. Her speech centered around the message of resisting and not remaining silent. Back in February, she was silenced by Mitch McConnell when she tried to read a letter written by Coretta Scott King warning of Jeff Sessions’ character. Warren set her sights on Sessions in her speech, claiming he wants to restrict voting law, privatize prisons and stop investigations into civil rights violations by police departments.

Jeff Sessions is on a mission, a mission to turn the clock back 157 years. We need to be on a mission too, a mission to stop him now. I came to Detroit to say, the fight against racism and inequality and ugliness in all its forms is a righteous fight … it’s your fight, it’s our fight. It’s the fight of every single American who believes in justice and equality.

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The chairman of the board of directors of the national NAACP, Leon Russell, spoke positively about the new levels of activism; especially about the marches for Black Lives Matter and the Women’s March. However, he also highlighted the issue of complacency among voters. This complacency helped lead to Trump now being in office.

We won’t change a thing if all we do is march in the streets. We have to participate in the ballot box because if you don’t participate, that’s how you get a state taking over your city, your schools and how you get bad water in Flint.

Sally Yates, the Attorney General Trump fired over the travel ban, was presented with an award for her work in trying to phase out privatized prisons. Maxine Waters (D-CA) received a lifetime achievement award. Warren was also given an award for her tireless work. All three brave women have had the same goal of resisting the Trump administration and unabashedly standing for the rights of the people they are paid to represent. We need more willing people to put themselves on the line to stand up for justice and against all that Donald Trump stands for.

Watch Elizabeth Warren give the entire keynote speech here:

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