Vicente Fox Tells Trump It’s OK To Stay On The Golf Course

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Former Mexican President Vicente Fox hates the Donald as much as we do. (You get what you give, Donny) Fox has made it very clear on television and social media exactly what he thinks about Trump’s grand, now-abandoned scheme of Mexico paying for the Trump Monument wall. He made headlines when he firmly said in an interview,

I’m not going to pay for that f!cking wall.

Bravo, sir! Bravo!

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Let’s also remember the photo on Facebook that was posted as a message to 45:

I really did have that photo as the background on my laptop for a short time. It is just endearing when someone so eloquently tells Trump their true feelings. It gave me inspiration.

Old Vicente is not done. He poked the bear again today. Fox used Trump’s favorite platform to give him a little hell. On Twitter, Fox alluded to Trump’s claim that he didn’t think being the President of the United States would be as difficult as it is – because WHY would being the leader of an entire country be hard? Idiot.

The former Mexican president is a Trump Troll. How can we not love this?

Donald Trump does seem tired – he’s an old man. It must be exhausting to play golf at a resort every weekend. At least six hours of television a day will tend to wear one down, as well. Add to that executive ordering, early morning tweeting (ego fluffing) and constant lying and I am surprised the man can stand on his feet at all.

Vicente is right, we will totally understand if 45 decides to retire. If he wants to vacate the White House today, I will even volunteer my time to help the loser pack. Uh, buh-bye.

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