Unique Characters For Any Occasion: Tidus Dregg, 7th Level Pirate Necromancer

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It’s pretty evident I am a nerd, but to add insult to injury, I build RPG characters just for fun. When I’m bored or just looking for something to occupy my time for awhile, I’ll sit down and come up with a character concept and then fire up ye olde Hero Lab and build the character. I could easily just delete them or let them take up idle space in my hard drive, or… I could share them with you. Feel free to use some or all of the concept in your future endeavors!

Right around the time the original Pirates of the Caribbean movie came out, I got the urge to play a pirate campaign with my D&D 3.5e group. The issue became that I felt the stock settings for 3.5e didn’t encapsulate the swashbuckling theme I desired, so I wound up making my own. It was my first (and only truly successful) attempt at devising my own campaign setting. If you’re interested, the setting information can still be found here. It’s very simple, don’t judge me.

The point is, this character is an NPC from that campaign. A necromancer pirate captain whose crew were the corpses of his victims and ship was the ghost ship of the damned. The campaign was designed to be law vs. chaos as opposed to good vs. evil so he wasn’t so much an antagonist as a rival, but the notion provided some incredibly evocative play for my group. Meet Tidus Dregg, Pirate Necromancer.

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