Unique Characters For Any Occasion: Mara Gareth, 6th Level Archer

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When I am bored, I fire up ye olde Heroe Labe (heh, sounds dirty) and build characters. Eventually I decided to put them all into one file, sorted by level, so that if anyone ever wanted to play a pick up game of Pathfinder, I would be set for ANY LEVEL. After I had a WHOLE BUNCH of these, I figured I may not be the only one who might be interested in having easy access to characters. So, here is my next character idea for you. Meet Mara Gareth.

When one hears archer, they either think: Ranger or Super-Spy, the latter of which is not really a thing in Pathfinder, not without entering the danger zone of copyright infringement. Mara is a little different — a born fighter, she can fight with more than bow and arrow but is basically a badass with that ranged weapon. Do not challenge her, she WILL put you down.

But if Mara is not your cup of tea, take a look my previous characters:

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