Unique Character Ideas For Any Occasion: Iqbal the Scarred, 5th Level Barbarian

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So when I get bored and have some time to kill, I will sit down with my character generator (Hero Lab) and build characters I will probably never play. I tell myself that I have them just in case someone wants to run a one-shot game of Pathfinder, so one day I sat down and I started a character portfolio. The portfolio now has characters from 5th level to 20th level “just in case.” I figure I can easily and quickly build a character from 1st to 4th level so why bother?

The point is, I have this file I keep adding to and adding to and now I have a bully pulpit for which to preach the awesomeness of my boredom. So I now share with you… The first of many to come.


Iqbal is a 24 year old human male, and at 6’3” and 205 pounds he is a tall and beefy drink of water! Like drinking off the fat from a freshly grilled burger and washing it down with some high quality H2O. His tribe believes in ritual scarification and the deliberate infliction of pain for the sake of purifying ones body before battle! As such, Iqbal is not what you’d call a looker, but what he lacks for looks he makes up for in terrible personal hygiene and obsessive stubbornness! Iqbal firmly believes in the philosophy that if brute force isn’t working, you’re probably not using enough!

If it’s love you’re after, he might be your guy, but he warns all prospects that his safe word is: “KEEP GOING.”

Let’s hear it for Iqbal!



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