U.S. Marine’s Response To Trump Supporter Calling Obama A P*ssy Is Glorious

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Social media has become a cess pool of Trump-loving right-wing nut jobs. We’ve all seen them. And try as we might to avoid them, it seems inevitable that sooner or later we will come across a post from a far right lunatic. Arguing often ensues, but rarely is anything actually accomplished and it is rarer still that anyone’s opinion is changed.

It’s a just a sad truth of the world we live in today with Trump in the White House and his supporters running rampant on Facebook and Twitter. But every now and then you see one of these uninformed conservatives really get schooled. And when that happens, it makes it all worth it, at least for the moment.

Such was the case when a Trump supporter decided to go on a Facebook rant calling former President Obama a “pussy” and a marine responded to give him a thorough beating with the cold hard truth.

Image via The Washington Journal

Boom! This marine is spot on. Trump just can’t keep his mouth shut and is likely counting on the conflict with North Korea to divert the attention of the American people away from his ongoing Russia scandal. Plus, everybody knows that war is great for approval ratings. The country comes together and rallies behind the president. With his record low approval, starting a war is his last shot at getting his numbers out of the toilet.

But Trump isn’t the one who will be expected to fight in that war. His life isn’t on the line. Those who serve in our military are the ones who have to cash the check Trump is writing with his Twitter account. Republicans want to scream about supporting our military and taking care of our veterans. Yet, they are just fine with sending them off to die so President Big Mouth can prove he has a bigger d*ck than Kim Jong Un.

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