Two White Girls Make Up Stupid Story About Eating Lunch At Howard University Wearing MAGA Hats

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A white high school student went on social media to discuss her “treatment” at historically black, Howard University in Washington, D.C.  The little twit and a friend – also white – made up some bullshit story that anyone with a half a brain could see through. The girls were supposed to be on a trip to D.C. with their high school visiting historic spots around the city. They just happened to have lunch at the Howard University cafeteria while wearing hats and shirts in support of Trump.

Let’s get this straight: two white girls wearing Donald Trump t-shirts and MAGA hats, just on the fly, decide to have lunch at a black university the week after the rally and protest in Charlottesville. Mmmhmmm. The scenario sounds totally legit.

The girl, who is identified as “Allie” shared her story on Twitter:

Oh. Did your feelings get hurt? Were you upset that your Trump regalia wasn’t well-received less than a week after white supremacists marched and killed a woman?

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In ALL of DC, they decided to eat at an HBCU cafeteria. My. Ass. This was purely a social experiment. And if not an experiment, a way to play the victim on social media. A way to say, “See? Trump was right. There is hatred on both sides.” If we’re being honest, she probably needed some attention on Twitter, as well – it’s all about those numbers with Trump and his supporters.

Other Twitter users weren’t falling for the bullshit.

Trump supporters are rallying around Allie – basically calling her a hero. It’s fucking disgusting.

Cue dramatic eye roll.

Allie’s retweet of this sentiment tells us ALL we need to know.

Shut your lying face, Allie. You went to stir the pot, and students at the university were smart enough to know what you were doing. She is just as fake as her president. They deserve each other.

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  1. doesn’t know Howard is a predominantly black school? She has no excuse “sight seeing”, her dumb ass should be in class.

  2. This is the kind of nothingness die hard Trump idiots do all the time. OF COURSE you will get a negative reaction. People are people. They think it proves something, all it proves is their arrogance and shallowness (and possible just average intelligence). They wouldn’t buy into it if they were not lacking common sense. Vapid as hell.

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