Twitter Closes Out The Week Mocking The F*ck Out Of Trumpcare And It Is…Beautiful

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The plan to replace the Affordable Care Act is a disaster. The Trump administration would rather you didn’t call it “Trumpcare,” but no matter what label gets put on it, it seems like nobody but the GOP likes it. Not voters, not healthcare providers, not even insurance companies. After the endless efforts while Obama was still in office to repeal his signature healthcare initiative, and even now that the Republicans are in power across all facets of government, none of them can come up with a plan that they can agree on and would be agreeable to the people of America.

You just know people are talking about it, and that means Twitter is talking about it. User Emanuel Zbeda started the hashtag #TrumpcareIsWorseThan, and invited the world to play along. Here are the best of the best, as curated by your pals here at Left Wing Nation.

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We’ll start at the beginning:

It ramps up pretty quickly:

REALLY? Straight to Nickelback?!?

Okay, now we’re getting somewhere…

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I’m sensing a pattern here — people really hate this plan. Enough to even go… there:

And some users even likened it to the horrors of…

But could it actually be?

Others took jabs at Republican leaders:

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While some had fun comparing Trump and Obama themselves:

But most just wanted to call out Trump.

I think everyone got the point, though. This plan takes from the poor, gives to the rich, and makes absolutely nobody any healthier while it happens:

When will Trump and his GOP Congress get tired of making a joke of American lives?

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