Twitter Takes A Moment To Trumpify The Kentucky Derby

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The annual Kentucky Derby is always held on the first Saturday in May and this past Saturday was no exception. The winner of this year’s derby was Always Dreaming. This was the second derby win for the jockey, John Velazquez. Sent off at 9/2 odds, Always Dreaming’s win made it the fifth straight year that a Derby favorite has won, the longest stretch since the 1970s.

Racehorses seriously have the coolest names. The reason behind them is the Jockey Club’s strict guidelines. The name can’t have been used by a previous horse. It can’t be longer than 18 letters and can’t feature any copyrighted term. Horses can’t have the name of a real person unless the horse’s owner has written authorization to use the name. Besides Always Dreaming, some of the other names in this year’s derby were Looking At Lee, Thundersnow, State of Honor, Battle of Midway and Irish War Cry.

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Twitter users took advantage of the special occasion to do what some of them do best: troll Trump. Going with the racehorse theme, someone started #TrumpRacehorseNames trending and it is beautiful. They really should win some sort of Twitter award. Since there is no such award for perfect derby tweets, some of the best are shared here for your consideration.

This is quite clever. It’s even kind of catchy.

This is the perfect Trump derby announcement. Perfection.

This one was so obvious, but it’s funny. It’s funny because you know it makes Trump angry.

Someone really does need to name their horse this – if Trump hasn’t copyrighted it yet.

YES to this. Simple, concise and just damn funny.

Each tweet was carefully crafted – not that Trump makes the task too difficult. However, we did manage to choose a favorite. We think it really sums up this entire administration. Sometimes, less is just more.

Golden Turd – because everyone says Donald Trump is the best turd.

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