Twitter Responds To Lord Cheeto’s Hour Of Propaganda With Magnificent Mockery

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Well, the President’s speech to the Joint Session of Congress has FINALLY concluded. What’s the general feeling on Twitter?

Gotta be SOME support for the big guy, right?

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Okay, well what about some policy specifics, or maybe something on sacrifice?

I mean, you KNOW there are at least people out there talking about him finally sounding “Presidential,” aren’t there?

It’s not like everyone is heading out to drown their sorrows, though.

Okay, never mind. There’s obviously a lot of drinking going on.

Wishes came too late, though:

And there was plenty of wishing!

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But what a speech! I mean, at the end there, when he was talking about Big Thinking and Small Thinking, my heart swelled with that one Peter Gabriel song, which one was it? Oh yeah.

Well, until next time, kiddies.


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