Twitter Flames Don Jr. After He Put His Hypocrite Pants On This Morning

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Donald Trump Jr. has been absolutely giddy about the latest details about Harvey Weinstein. The longtime Hollywood heavyweight and Democratic donor was outed last week as being an alleged rapist and serial sexual harasser.  The right-wing is, of course, super happy because the attention has been taken off of their Fox News buddies and their pussy grabbin’ president. And while it isn’t all that shocking that conservative America has suddenly decided that they are outraged about women being assaulted, you’d think the Trump family would keep their mouths shut because, again, pussy grabbin’. But oh no, Trump Jr. has been all over the interwebz posting about how Hillary is to blame for Weinstein because she was silent until Tuesday.

That’s typical political nonsense, this morning, however, he zipped up his hypocrite pants and said something extra stupid.

Twitter, of course, flamed him:

Hey, remember that guy who used to host a reality show where he fired people? You know, the orange guy who decided he wanted to pretend to be a world leader? The one who happens to be dumbass’ daddy? Yeah, maybe that guy should go back to pretending he is a billionaire and get the fuck out of our Oval Office.

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