Tween Suing Jeff Sessions After She Is Forced To Flee Texas For Access To Seizure Medication

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Alexis Bortell is an 11-year-old from northern Texas. Alexis also suffers from crippling seizures. After hours and hours of research and speaking with doctors during countless appointments, her parents learned that medical marijuana would probably be the best treatment for her. They had tried the many types of prescribed pharmaceuticals – with their many side effects – and none helped her. She was still having seizures while taking the medications.

Her family packed and moved to Denver, Colorado where medical marijuana is legal. She does not use the kind of medical marijuana that is smoked. Instead, she uses a blend of THC and CBD cannabis oil. Alexis is very happy with her new treatment. She stated,

I haven’t had a seizure in 866 days. I just want kids like me to be able to do what normal kids are able to do.

866 days amounts to over two years seizure-free. If you know anyone who suffers from seizures, you know how truly amazing that is.

Now, her parents are suing U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the U.S. Department of Justice, and the Drug Enforcement Administration to legalize medical cannabis. Alexis is one of several plaintiffs asking a federal court in New York to reclassify marijuana from a Schedule I drug and essentially legalize it as medicine. If you know anything about the side effects of the pharmaceuticals that are already legal, you know that marijuana is far from being the harmful drug the pharmaceutical companies want us to believe it is.

Because of her seizure medication, she is really not able to travel. She is unable to visit her grandparents in Texas and is uncertain if she can take a class trip to Washington, D.C. For now, the 11-year-old activist is stuck in Colorado, hoping a court finally allows her to travel with her controversial, effective medication.

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