Trumpsters Are Boycotting Hawaii, Y’all!

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With all the concentration on Liberals protesting and boycotting for the sake of civil rights and women’s issues, and all the blowback right-wingers gave said protests, you’d imagine that conservatives would shy away from such tomfoolery. After all, protests are for whiny snowflakes, not rough-and-tumble patriots.

Of course, logic knows no course among conservatives. Their narrative wanders aimlessly in order to serve their near-sighted purposes. So, when a federal judge from the state that gave us Barack Obama rules against Muslim Ban 2.0, there’s gonna be flag-waving hell to pay in the form of–wait for it–protests.

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Thank you, Twitter, for this treasure trove of Trump Cult absurdity. Welcome to #boycotthawaii and these anti-Hawaii gems.

It gets better.

I wonder if she knows Key West is full of Hippie Liberals?

Apparently Hawaii disrespects the military now, despite the enormous history of military bravery attached to it–You know, that Pearl Harbor thing back in the day?

The word “intel” is in the Twitter handle of this bag of ignorant rubbish.  Oh, irony!

The beauty, however, behind these deplorably ignorant strings of dribble is the sarcastic perfection of the following progressive responses.

I was thinking the same thing.

This guy wins the Internet.

So does this guy.

We won’t tell.

Book ’em Dano!

Deplorables do have the Midas Touch. A ban on the musical “Hamilton” was box office gold. A Starbucks ban did nothing but sell more coffee. Looks like Hawaii, as well, will be reaping these same benefits thanks to our misguided friends on the other side.

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