Trumpster Stutters Helplessly When Asked To Name Just ONE Trump Accomplishment

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Today on CNN’s New Day, a panel of Trump supporters were interviewed regarding Trump’s accomplishments to date, as well as the treatment they have received since ‘coming out’ as Trump supporters. One supporter was especially enthusiastic about Trump’s reign presidency. In fact, he was brought up on stage at a Trump rally on February 18 – less than a month after the inauguration.

It’s totally normal for presidents to hold rallies for themselves in the first month of their presidency, right?

This Trump supporter told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota that Trump had been keeping his campaign promises. When she asked him for examples, he stated,

Well, let’s think about, let’s think about as in, uh, with uh, uh, you know.

At this point, the anchor tries to help him along with, “What promises has he made to you that he’s kept?” He answers with,

Well, let’s think about it. I know right now, uuhhh…

Another supporter on the panel chimed in with, “TPP.” You know, to help the poor bastard along. Then he goes on to eloquently sum up his answer with,

Right? Thank you for that. The Paris Agreement.You know, he got out of that. He wants to repeal and replace Obamacare. That’s in the works.

There you have it: the TPP – which surprised us all. However, let’s not forget that he approved the KeystoneXL and the DAPL in the same week. And the withdrawing from the Paris Agreement was an accomplishment for who? Industry? Why worry about the world our grandchildren will inherit when we’re dead? We think the poor guy has misoverestimated Trump bigly.

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Watch Trump’s number one fan try to form sentences while being entirely too enthusiastic:

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