Trump’s Top Ethics Watchdog Quits In Disgust

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Donald Trump continues to squat in the Oval Office and disgrace the presidency. It’s gotten so bad that just a few days after a top official from the Department of Justice admitted they quit because of Trump’s disregard for ethics, Walter Shaub Jr., the director of the Office of Government Ethics has resigned also because of Trump.

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Shaub posted his resignation letter on Twitter and it does everything but call Trump out by name:

That’s some pretty specific language and just to make sure the Moron-in-Chief got the point, Shaub placed the most important part in italics: public service is a public trust. And seriously, is there any question what he’s talking about when he explains private gain is not the point of being a government employee?

Sadly, Trump will be completely oblivious to this since he cannot conceive of himself as answering to the people. He’s the king, after all! The peasants should be bowing to him!

Republicans will also ignore Shaub’s scolding because as far as they’re concerned, ethics watchdogs are a nuisance to be defunded when no one is paying attention. Assuming Trump bothers to even replace the director of the OGE, don’t expect a competent career civil servant. Instead, look for a Trump loyalist well practiced in looking the other way.

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Schaub, however, is not abandoning the fight but rather joining with an independent watchdog group that Trump and his goons can’t bully:

On Thursday, before he announced his resignation, Shaub told NPR in an interview that he would be taking a new job at The Campaign Legal Center, a group that aims to strengthen democracy and improve ethics in government. He said in the interview that “the current situation has made it clear that the ethics program needs to be stronger than it is. At the Campaign Legal Center, I’ll have more freedom to push for reform. I’ll also be broadening my focus to include ethics issues at all levels of government.”

Don’t be surprised if Trump tries to put a gag order on Schaub or if Fox News begins a smear campaign against him. He’s had the better part of a year to gather dirt on Trump and his corrupt clan and he knows where to look for even more corruption. That makes him a serious threat to the regime and that can’t be tolerated by a tinpot dictator like Trump.


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