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Trump’s SoHo Tower Gets A Hilarious Russian Makeover (IMAGES)

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Anti-Trump activists put on an amazing show Monday night as the Trump SoHo Hotel was surrounded by protesters dressed as Russian soldiers while pictures of Putin giving a thumbs up and saying “Happy to Help, Bro” were projected on the entrance to the building. The protest was coordinated to occur on National Dollar Day, a day that commemorates the creation of the U.S. Monetary System in 1786.

Video footage of the hilarious event shows a group of soldiers marching to the hotel and waving a Russian flag while the Soviet National Anthem plays loudly. The soldiers stop in front of Trump SoHo, effectively blocking the entrance and standing at attention while images are projected adjacent to the building’s entrance. In addition to the Putin image, sayings like “FOLLOW THE MONEY” and “LAUNDERING SERVICES AVAILABLE” are flashed on the gigantic screen. The images are projected in both English and Russian.


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The protest, which comes just one week after special counsel Robert Mueller announced that he would impanel a grand jury in the ongoing investigation looking into the Trump campain’s alleged collusion with Russia, was reminiscent of a similar event that occurred at  the Trump International Hotel in D.C. in May. In the D.C. protest, “PAY TRUMP BRIBES HERE” and “EMOLUMENTS WELCOME” were projected over the hotel’s entrance.

The Soho protest’s organizer was Robin Bell, a digital artist who tagged Trump in a tweet with a video of the protest attached.


Just in case Mr. Trump had missed it.

Bell’s Twitter account describes him as “an award-winning editor, video journalist, and multimedia artist based in Washington DC.” Well done, Mr. Bell. This protest was a good reminder for us all to not get distracted by Trump’s ridiculous antics and stay focused on our real goal: supporting the Russia investigation and getting this idiot out of office as quickly as humanly possible.

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